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Roof Waterproofing Systems

Roof Waterproofing

The roof waterproofing of a building acts as a barrier, protecting the building against rain. The roof water insulation done with the best waterproofing insulation materials will protect the building from rain and snow.

Roof waterproofing is a critical aspect of maintaining the integrity and longevity of your property. To protect your structure from water damage, leaks, and other environmental factors, effective roof waterproofing is essential for both residential and commercial buildings.

Are you in search of a reliable roof waterproofing Dubai, UAE? Look no further! Our expert services at Floor 2 Terrace Protection UAE provide top-notch roof waterproofing to safeguard your property against leaks, water damage, and other related issues. Discover the benefits of our comprehensive approach to roof waterproofing and why choosing us is the right decision for your property in Abu Dhabi.

We are the UAE’s most reliable waterproofing contractor company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, providing waterproofing for metal roofs, sandwich panels, and concrete roofs.

Benefits of Roof Waterproofing

Protection Against Harsh Weather

Shielding your roof from the intense heat, UV radiation, and occasional heavy rains prevalent in Abu Dhabi.

Preventing Structural Damage

Waterproofing safeguards the structural integrity of your property by preventing water penetration that can lead to deterioration and damage.

Energy Efficiency

Certain waterproofing materials have reflective properties, reducing heat absorption and contributing to the overall energy efficiency of your property.

Increased Property Value

A well-maintained and waterproofed roof adds value to your property by protecting it from potential water-related issues.

Combo Roofing, Polyurea Coating And Grp Lining System

Our Roof Waterproofing Process

A combo waterproofing system typically consists of the following layers:

Surface Inspection

Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough inspection of the roof surface, identifying any existing issues and assessing the overall condition.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of waterproofing. We address any cracks, gaps, or uneven areas to ensure a smooth and even application.

Application of Waterproofing Material

We use advanced waterproofing materials, such as liquid membranes or coatings, to create a seamless and durable barrier against water penetration

Sealing Joints and Gaps

All joints, seams, and potential entry points for water are meticulously sealed to prevent any weak points in the waterproofing layer.

Quality Assurance

Our work is backed by quality assurance measures, ensuring that the waterproofing solution meets industry standards and provides long-lasting protection.

Post-Application Inspection

After the waterproofing material has been applied, we conduct a thorough post-application inspection to verify the effectiveness of the solution and address any remaining concerns.

Combo Roof Waterproofing Systems

The Combo Roof System is a cutting-edge, multi-layered roofing solution seamlessly integrating waterproofing, thermal insulation, and finishing. Renowned for its efficiency, this system is certified by the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) for its exceptional waterproofing and insulation properties. With a 25-year guarantee against leakage, it has gained widespread acceptance among major property developers, consultants, and contractors in the UAE.

Heat Resistant And Rust Protection Coating, Thermilate

Key Features of Combo Roof System:

Three-in-One Solution

The system combines waterproofing, thermal insulation, and finishing in a single application.

Fast Curing

Boasting a swift curing process, it efficiently addresses a range of roof issues.


Endorsed by authorities, the Combo Roof System complies with the latest thermal insulation standards and regulations.

Guaranteed Performance

Offering a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee against leakage, it ensures long-term reliability.

Why Choose Combo Roof System

The Combo Roof System stands out for its comprehensive approach, providing a rapid solution for insulating and waterproofing entire roof areas. With a 25-year warranty, property owners can have confidence in the system’s durability and performance.

Stages of Combo Roof System Installation:

A combo waterproofing system typically consists of the following layers:

Site Inspection & Preparation

Floor 2 Terrace engineers conduct a thorough site inspection, assessing environmental and substrate conditions. Necessary preparation work is undertaken in collaboration with the main contractor.

Foam Application

Polyurethane material, including Polyol and Iso PMDI, is applied using a Spray Foam Machine in horizontal or vertical layers.

RBE Coating

A single-component, acrylic-based elastomeric waterproof coating (RBE) is applied to the polyurethane foam surface.

Flood Test

After allowing the coating to dry, a flood test is conducted under the supervision of engineers to ensure waterproofing effectiveness.

Geotextile Layer

A layer of geotextile is laid on the surface, extending up to the vertical surface of the applied system.

Paneling & Screed Laying

Roof is compartmentalized using flexcell board, and desired slope is achieved. Protective screed of specified strength is laid, finished, and cured for a minimum of 2 days.

Angle Fillet & Joint Treatment

Joints created by flexcell board are treated with ACT sealant, and angle fillet is prepared around parapet skirting and foundations.

Final Coating/Finishing

Two coats of cementitious coating (Polyflex, White) are applied, providing aesthetic appeal and dampness resistance. The final coat cures for 7 days before allowing any roof traffic.

Combo Roof System in Dubai:

For those seeking reliable roof waterproofing in Dubai, Floor 2 Terrace is the go-to choice. Specializing in full-service roofing and insulation system design, installation, and repair, the company caters to residential and commercial properties. To explore their roofing system and services, contact Floor 2 Terrace today.


The best waterproofing for a roof depends on various factors such as the type of roof, climate, and budget. Commonly used roof waterproofing methods include bituminous coatings, elastomeric coatings, and membrane systems. Consulting with a professional to assess your specific needs is crucial for determining the most suitable waterproofing method.

The best way to waterproof a roof involves a combination of proper materials and application techniques. Common steps include surface preparation, application of a suitable waterproofing material (such as coatings or membranes), and ensuring proper sealing of seams and joints. Consulting with experts can help determine the specific needs for your roof.

  • Research local contractors and seek recommendations.
  • Verify credentials, including licenses and certifications.
  • Choose an experienced contractor with a proven track record.
  • Ensure the contractor has insurance coverage and offers a warranty.
  • Review past work and obtain a detailed estimate.
  • Choose a contractor with effective communication skills.

Waterproofing the roof is a process of applying materials or treatments to the roof surface to prevent water infiltration. This helps protect the building structure from water damage, leaks, and other related issues.

Roofs with high-quality membrane systems, such as TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), are often considered highly waterproof. These materials offer excellent resistance to water penetration and are commonly used in commercial and industrial roofing.

Yes, waterproofing is necessary for the roof to prevent water damage, leaks, and structural issues. Proper roof waterproofing helps extend the lifespan of the roof and protects the interior of the building from water-related problems.

Waterproofing an existing roof involves:

  1. Surface Cleaning: Remove debris and clean the roof surface thoroughly.
  2. Repairing Damages: Fix any existing damage or leaks in the roof.
  3. Priming: Apply a primer to enhance adhesion of the waterproofing material.
  4. Waterproofing Application: Apply the chosen waterproofing material, such as coatings or membranes, according to manufacturer guidelines

The longevity of roof waterproofing depends on factors such as the type of material used, climate, and maintenance. Generally, a well-installed and maintained waterproofing system can last for 10 to 20 years or more. Regular inspections and timely repairs can extend the lifespan.

Combo roof waterproofing may refer to a combination of different waterproofing methods or materials applied to a roof. It could involve using multiple layers of coatings, membranes, or other waterproofing products to ensure comprehensive protection.

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The thickness of a combo roof, which involves multiple layers of waterproofing materials, can vary based on the specific products used and the requirements of the roof. Consultation with a roofing professional is essential to determine the appropriate thickness for effective waterproofing.

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