Combo Roof Waterproofing System in UAE

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Combo Roof Waterproofing System in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Floor 2 Terrace Combo Roof Waterproofing System in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are one of the experts in combo roof waterproofing using BASF and Bayer Spray Polyurethane Foam. The Combo Roof Waterproofing System is a combination of waterproofing, thermal insulation, and finishing the roof. As the best company for the installation of combo roof systems in the UAE, we offer high-quality and efficient combo roof systems. It is a single-system solution that combines all three functions into one, saving time and money. The Combo Waterproofing System is ideal for a wide range of applications, including villas, buildings, mosques, and other commercial and industrial structures.

Benefits of Combo Roof Waterproofing System

100% leakproof

Combo Waterproofing System forms a seamless membrane that is completely waterproof. It can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, including heavy rains, hail, and snow.

Excellent thermal insulation

Combo Waterproofing System provides excellent thermal insulation, helping to keep buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can save significantly on energy costs.

Long lifespan

Combo Waterproofing System has a lifespan of up to 25 years, making it a long-term investment.

Easy to apply

Combo Waterproofing System is easy to apply, even to complex roof shapes. It can be applied quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to building operations.

Combo Roofing, Polyurea Coating And Grp Lining System

How does a Combo Waterproofing System work?

A combo waterproofing system typically consists of the following layers:

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a lightweight and durable material that provides excellent waterproofing and thermal insulation. It is applied to the roof surface using a spray gun.

Reinforcement layer

A reinforcement layer, such as geotextile fabric, is then applied over the polyurethane foam. This layer helps to protect the foam and add strength to the system.

Protective coating

A protective coating is then applied over the reinforcement layer. This coating helps to protect the system from UV rays and other environmental factors.

Installation of Combo Waterproofing System

The installation of the Combo Waterproofing System is a complex process that should be carried out by a qualified contractor. The following is a general overview of the steps involved:

The roof surface is prepared by cleaning and removing any debris.

A primer is applied to the roof surface to improve adhesion.

A layer of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is applied to the roof surface. The SPF is sprayed in multiple layers to create a seamless, watertight barrier.

A protective coating is applied to the SPF layer to protect it from the elements.

A finishing layer, such as tiles or gravel, is applied to the roof.

The Combo Roof Waterproofing System has a lifespan of up to 25 years, making it a long-term investment. Abu Dhabi’s best combo roof system installation company in the UAE offers high-quality and highly efficient combo roof systems. As a leading provider of Combo Waterproofing System installation in Abu Dhabi, UAE Floor 2 Terrace Protection offers high-quality BASF and Bayer Spray Polyurethane Foam to ensure that our systems are durable, long-lasting, and effective. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who can ensure that your Combo Waterproofing System is installed to the highest standards.

To install a combo waterproofing system, we will first prepare the roof surface by cleaning and repairing any damage. We will then apply a primer to the surface to help the polyurethane foam adhere properly. Next, we will spray the polyurethane foam onto the roof surface in a controlled manner to ensure a uniform thickness. Once the polyurethane foam has cured, we will apply a reinforcement layer and a protective coating.

We offer a variety of combo waterproofing systems to choose from, depending on the specific needs of your building. We also offer a warranty on all of our work, so you can be confident that your roof is protected. Contact Floor 2 Terrace Protection today for a free consultation on your combo waterproofing system needs.

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